A tree peace chain goes around the world – two charity organizations set new impulses

The successful cooperation of the Voice Aid Association, led by Astrid Arens as president, and the DIBK (German-Italian Educational and Cultural Institute), led by Giacomo Santalucia, has resulted in the peace project of the first tree peace chain to be established worldwide.

This special peace chain stands for more conscience, peace, humanity and love for nature. The goal is to involve the worldwide zoos as well as schools in this tree planting action chain. The aim is to set impulses for sustainability, for a better environment and for the protection of the planet.

On 25.11.21 at 10:00 in the morning the first tree planting action in the context of this developing chain took place in a zoo. The zoological garden in Neunkirchen in Saarland had the great honor to do so, under the leadership of Dr. Norbert Fritsch and his team.

f.l.: Heino Staub, Giacomo Santalucia, Eberhard Schilling, Norbert Fritsch, Sven Görgen, Astrid Arens, Agnes Schaadt-Lentes, Thomas Stillemunkes

First, he warmly welcomed the visitors to the event and enlightened us that he had deliberately chosen a tree of life, the gingi tree, to plant, which stands as a symbol for sustainable living, peace, protection of the planet, for a better environment and for safeguarding biodiversity. The first tree within a school of this internationally developing tree chain was planted at the Louis Braille School for the Blind in Lebach. This day of action is flanked by the Werner Zimmer Peace Chain, which aims to set an example against violence against women.

The well-known SR radio presenter and head of entertainment of SR3 Eberhard Schilling was present as a guest of honor. The popular Saarland native is an ambassador of the first hour for the Werner Zimmer Peace Chain, which supported the tree planting campaign through its now 5.4 km long jersey chain.

Other guests at the tree planting event were three school classes who supported the event with their lead teachers. The school for the blind from Lebach was there under the leadership of Mr. Sven Görgen. Furthermore, a school class of the Pallotti School Neunkirchen under the leadership of Mrs. Agnes Schaadt-Lentes and a class of the commercial vocational school KBBZ under the leadership of Mr. Staub were on site.

Curious and with alert eyes, the students followed the explanations of Mr. Giacomo Santalucia, President of DIBK, who explained in detail, with much charm and wit, why it is important to keep “Mother Earth” healthy.

Mr. Thomas Stillemunkes then played the song “Silentio” with his trumpet and captivated everyone.

Afterwards, Mr. Eberhardt Schilling motivated the students to take on the topics of “biodiversity” and “securing sustainable habitat” and to work together to make the world a better place.

All school leaders agreed that there is still a lot of educational work to be done in this area and, above all, that “rather talk less and be more hands-on” may be implemented more.

Now the spades were used and the tree of life – Gingi tree was planted. All the protagonists of this wonderful action, including the Vice Chairman of Voice Aid, James Williams, went to work with great enthusiasm and joy.

Finally, Astrid Arens, President of the Voice Aid Association, reported on what projects are planned for the future. For the first time in 2022, there will be a Voice Aid concert tour in Germany’s schools in the last 5-6 weeks before the summer vacations.

5-6 internationally known Voice Aid singers will board the Voice Aid tour bus and travel through 16 states. There will be 3-5 concerts in each state. Schools can apply for the tour bus to make a stop at their school. The prerequisite is that the schools consider the topics of sustainability, the environment, and dealing with plastic to be important and already teach them in school or have initiated or already carried out various projects on this topic.

Astrid Arens said: “Take the chance and apply for a live concert at Voice Aid. We would love to come and join you in making the world a better place. Let’s protect biodiversity together, build and preserve sustainable habitat for all generations that will ever live on this planet. We Are One – for the sake of people and the planet.”

Afterwards, all the students and teachers went on to the zoo with a smile on their faces and are sure: We’re in for this one.