How are success and good energy connected?

What can I mean by Energetic Coaching?

In order to better understand this, I would like to take you, dear reader, on a journey of fantasy:

We hike, in thought, up a mountain, past woods and meadows. Later we rest at a special place. Here clear, pure spring water rises, which flows down the mountain as a trickle. Over time the trickle becomes stronger. The brook becomes deeper, slowly wider and with its natural, inherent power it makes its way unperturbed, it grows and grows, just like the flowers and plants along the way. The initial purity fades with time. Leaves and branches fall into the stream, stones fall into it, rubbish is disposed of there. Moss and mud grow and block the once powerful course of the water.

This picture of the initially clear, pure stream, which slowly becomes blocked, is comparable to human life. At birth we carry within us everything we need for our lives. We collect our first experiences. We store these and following life experiences on an unconscious and conscious level, evaluate them in “good or bad”, in “I want or I do not want”. This is how we create our first references. Comparable with the stream we collect or take over in the course of our life “rubbish” like wrong or disturbing beliefs of our companions like e.g. family members. We put them into our “backpack of life”, as I affectionately call it. Figuratively speaking, the backpack becomes heavier and heavier in the course of our lives and possibly prevents us from doing the things we actually want to do from the bottom of our hearts, and we often don’t know why.

How do I work in Energetic Coaching?
In my Energetic Coaching I track down all these negative beliefs in the individual information field and delete them. This is comparable to cleaning a stream from rubble and garbage. In this way, the flow and the life energy in us begins to flow freely again.

I would like to give an example of this:
Wolfgang works in sales. For inexplicable reasons he does not like to phone. This behaviour is unfavourable in sales, as he is dependent on calling unknown people to sell his products. In coaching, Wolfgang and me worked out the origin of his blockade from a neutral point of view. It turned out to be a very old topic of his grandmother. At that time she learned in a telephone conversation that her husband had died in the war. Wolfgang’s mother had sat next to his grandmother at that moment and listened to everything. We resolved this traumatic event for Wolfgang’s mother in his information field. Wolfgang had unconsciously taken it over from his mother. Since our work Wolfgang has been able to reach for the telephone receiver free of negative emotions. For Wolfgang this is his very personal experience of success.

The definition of success is as broad as people can possibly be. Success can be to finally achieve and maintain the desired weight.

For Sandra it was the overcoming of her fear and the physical and mental challenge to circle the Kailash, the holiest mountain of the Tibetans, as well as to climb the Annapurna massif. For Claudia, for example, it was important to resolve her tinnitus, which prevented her from working as a professional musician. Monika’s heart’s desire was to finally get pregnant. For Max it was crucial to say goodbye to the influences of his premature birth.

For Daniela it was important to normalize her hypertension and for Moritz it was inevitable to resolve his excitement at the soccer game. I could continue this list with several examples.

No matter with which request you come to me, together we will find the way to your personal success. It is my goal to make the respective problems of my customers visible and to resolve the disturbances in their individual fields of information. My absolutely neutral attitude is particularly important to me in my work. It is free of any evaluations or advice.

I work either in my practice, via Skype or on the phone with you. If I have aroused your interest, have a look at my website:  or call me directly: +49 (0)160 97655571
I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely Juliane Balla

Feedback from my customers:

@ I had very relaxed carnival days! I feel so good with it! It is incredible and I am very happy about it – my family too
@ I haven’t had any panic attacks since then and feel comfortable in my body again
@ I am fascinated by the conversation, completely stunned and impressed by the improvement
@ I felt very much taken care of with you. I am full of energy and joie de vivre again.
@ I’m glad. It gives me pleasure to work with you, to know well that there is someone there
@ I’m just fine, like I haven’t been in a long time. My self-confidence has risen steeply, I pursue my goals