The Nürburgring – the motorsport legend in the heart of the Eifel region

In the heart of Germany, nestled in the green forests of the Eifel mountains, a race track of its kind is unique in the whole world. It was put into operation in 1927 and tells stories that last for generations. It has produced legends like Michael Schumacher and always sets the highest standards for the teams and their racing cars.

If you talk about the Nürburgring, you can think of terms like “Green Hell”, adrenaline, thrills, Formula 1, Ecclestone, Niki Lauda, Grand Prix circuit, paddock, classic car, silver arrow, Erlkönig, “Rock am Ring”, Michael Schumacher, DTM, truck race, ADAC, AMG, Devil’s Diner and “demanding all along the line”.


Grand Prix track – aerial photo © Robert Kah – Nürburgring

There are incredible feelings you get when you experience a race e.g. on the Grand Prix track live. Pure thrills, highest tension, head to head races of the drivers who drive the spectators almost to madness. Then there’s the smell of petrol and rubber, the howling engines, the stomping horsepower that wants to race forward, the tyre change in the pit lane that is timed to the millisecond, where every team gives everything and much, much more to support its drivers in a valuable way. Everybody, absolutely everybody goes to his limits, man as well as material.

The flow of taking one of the first places determines everything, breaking the lap record and winning from pole position. This is the biggest thing for any rider, or to roll up the field from behind bit by bit to get to a winning position. Pure tension, every single cell on absolute attention, totally focused on victory.

During my visit to the Nürburgring, I met Alexander Gerhard, Press Officer, and Sarah Nick, Sales & Product Manager of Nürburgring 1927 GmbH, whose Managing Director is Mirco Markfort. They reported with such passion about the Nürburgring, its stories and its possibilities that they cast a spell over me. I am Astrid Arens – The Voice, Speaker & Top Business Expert for Neurocommunications/-Marketing.

It is pure emotion that comes to bear here. The Nürburgring consists of the Nordschleife with a length of 20.832 km and the Grand Prix circuit with 5.148 km. If you take a closer look at the Nordschleife, it overcomes “300 vertical metres and winds its way through the Eifel with a total of 73 bends, 33 of which are right-hand bends and 40 left-hand bends”, says Markus Oestereich, who works closely with the Ring as a racing taxi driver.

The Nürburgring team asked me, Astrid Arens, what connects me with the Ring: “On the one hand, I grew up here nearby, the Ring belongs to my life and is one of the largest employers in this region. Its diverse offer, ranging from racing events, music events and leisure locations to multifunctional parks, is unparalleled anywhere in the world. It belongs to the heart of the Eifel”.

Sarah Nick and Alexander Gerhard then added that the Ring now has a very diverse range of events, such as: “Company events and incentives, festival visitors as well as active athletes. Motor sport fans, families, companies looking for adventure, originality, nature and a little adrenaline are in good hands here”.

As a special highlight of our conversation they invited me to a race taxi ride with Markus Oestereich along the Nordschleife. They asked me the question: “Are you ready for a trip through the Green Hell?”, says Sarah Nick, “then the fastest co-pilot ride of your life awaits you”.


Now it’s time to show your colours and breathe in racing air. First I can put on a fireproof racing suit, then there’s a balaclava and a helmet. Markus, Sarah and Alexander confirmed me a professional outfit and gave me the final instructions for my first ride as a co-pilot on my beloved racetrack. I feel the adrenaline and tension rising inside me.

At this moment I hear an engine sound that will probably ring in my ears forever. A Mercedes-AMG GT R, called the “Beast of the Green Hell”, comes roaring towards me. Mercedes AMG is the main sponsor of Nürburgring 1927. Markus Oestereich winks and invites his co-pilot. 585 horsepower now push you into the seat of the Mercedes GT R, the seat belts are so tight that you can barely breathe. That’s good, because all you can do now is grab hold and marvel.

For me it was the most exciting motorsport lap of my life to chase the track in racing style. Afterwards we had a delicious coffee at the Devils Diner, an American diner-style restaurant on the way up/out to the Nordschleife.

Now there was a lot of talking shop and thinking about what the future will bring for the Ring and the Eifel. Inspired by this adventurous moment, I set off on my way home. Again and again the route came to my mind and the exchange with Markus Oestereich.

If you ask me, the Nürburgring is worth every single minute of your precious time and every single kilometre of your journey. The Nürburgring Museum ring°werk or its kart track offer all generations, young and old, exciting moments and unforgettable insights into the world of motor sports.

Here my Nordschleife lap as co-pilot on the Nürburgring. The GoPro was with me. Unforgotten moments captured for eternity.


Photo source: Media database Nürburgring 1927 GmbH