Artists join forces for a better world

Charity organization unites artists as a statement for more humanity, a better environment and the protection of the planet

The year 2020 has changed and moved a lot. In times of pandemic, environmental changes and the new way of living together, a group of internationally known artists have come together and decided to make a strong statement for more humanity, love, peace, environmental protection and the protection of the planet.

These artists are all ambassadors for the Voice Aid Association and are joining forces with them to make the world a better place. Every single artist wants to convey a message with their song, they want to inspire, because it’s time to stand up, take a good look and make people realize that the only thing that matters now is immediate action. Away from just talking, towards energetic action.

Together they recorded a CD of 16 world-changing songs to help secure life on our unique planet.

With “Save The Planet – Voice Aid & Friends” and the title song “We Are One” they want to connect people worldwide – for the sake of people and the planet. James Williams, Vice Chairman of the Voice Aid Association, took over the organization on this occasion and Astrid Arens as President of the charity organization gave her all as producer of the CD.

The song “We Are One” is the anthem as well as the living credo of the Voice Aid Association, which, based on the United Nations Charter, is committed to living more sustainably and ensuring the protection of the planet.

These musical heroes are: Dante Thomas with his song “Baby Don’t Waste Your Time”; Nisha Kataria with a tribute to Michael Jackson, who was her mentor, with the “Earth” song and “Hero”; Marty Ciltron III (No Mercy) with the song “La Carrera”; Lori Glori with the two songs “Claim it” and “Children of the World”; Rev. Mal Williams with the songs “The Best Is Yet To Come” and “He Will Never Change”; Four Colourz with “Anything”; Melvin Griffin with “Speak Life” and “Watch Me Win”; Sandra and D with “Dream And Believe”; George McCrae with “Harvest Moon”; All That Band with “Could You Be Loved”; James Williams with the All That Band & the Weather Girls with “We Are One”.

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These artists have a lot planned and are very much looking forward to finally being on stage again, inspiring people musically and giving them wonderful magical moments.

What can we look forward to in the coming months?

The song “Children of the World”, sung by Lori Glori, and its message for the world has generated so much attention that it has been given the opportunity to be included on the list of Grammy potent songs worldwide. We can look forward to seeing what happens in the future. It would be the first charity song to be recognized to such an extent on behalf of all the people, organizations, companies and philanthropists who work for good.

In summer 2022, a school tour is planned in Germany, in the last 6 weeks before the summer vacations. The Voice Aid artist tour bus will travel through 16 German states, where 3 music events will take place at different locations per state at selected schools that have applied in advance. Per event 5-6 artists will perform and put on a concert of a special kind. They will be accompanied by environmental actions of the students, educational parts by the schools, information about renewable energies and much more.

After that, we can look forward to the Voice Aid concert tour, which is planned for the 2nd half of 2022. Within the DACH region – Germany, Austria, Switzerland – 13 concerts are planned with all Save The Planet artists.

We wish them a good success and are already looking forward to the well-attended concerts.